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As countries across the world grapple with the #COVID19 Novel Corona Virus pandemic, the world is also encountering another challenging problem: an infodemic of epic proportions where misinformation about the virus is spreading faster than the virus itself.

At newschecker.in, we are constantly monitoring content and busting misinformation as it appears and spreads. To ensure that the right information is with everyone, we are starting a WhatsApp update service to give you the most relevant and accurate details about the virus.

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We will also be sharing these updates on the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn handles of newschecker.in

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You just need to send us a message on WhatsApp by clicking on the button above and adding our number +91 9999499044 in your address book. After that, you will receive an update everyday.

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Your number will only be used to send updates. It will not be shared with anyone else, and we will take care to maintain your privacy.

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